Key Gop
Norbu Choling Center is a Singapore based non-profit organization committed to servicing humanity by providing opportunities to serve and learn from the monks and lineage masters from the 11th century Key Monastery in Spiti, Himalayas India.

Key Monastery is founded by Dromton, the pupil of the Great Master Atisha Dipamkara founder of Kadam School. Today, it still remains as the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley and home to 380 monks at an altitude of 4,166 metres above sea-level.

H.E Lochen Rinpoche is our Spiritual Director who is the 19th reincarnation of the Great Translator Rinchen Zangpo (year 958 - 1055) of Tibet, - one of the greatest scholars and artists of the century.

This simple website aims to create a connection to our kind teachers' through an archive of video teachings on YOUTUBE, gift of prayers though our regular centre activities and an insight to Spiti to the world via cyberspace.

Norbu Choling Center is supported by committee members and volunteers under the kind guidance of Venerable Geshe Dorje Tenzin and a team of visiting monks from the Key Monastery .

DECEMBER MONTH OF ACTIVITIES with our resident and visiting monks!

Join us on our 2 Full-Day of Grand Prayers!

Day 1 - 16th December:

Grand Palden Lhamo at 10am to 12noon

Vajravidaran Cleansing Puja at 3pm to 5pm

The Grand Fire Puja of Peace at 7pm to 9pm

Day 2 - 17th December:

Yamantaka Obstacle Clearing Puja at 10am to 12noon

5 Protectors Blessings Grand Puja at 3pm to 5pm

The White Umbrella Goddess Dispelling & Subduing Puja at 7pm to 9pm


» Monthly 2017 Calendar of Events, Click Here!

Since 15 January 2007, we have the blessings to invite Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choden,the late Gangling Rinpoche, Ex-Abbot of Key Monastery Khenpo Losang Jinpa ,Tsering Tobgay, current Abbot Tinley of Key Monastery, the late Geshe Dakpa of Gaden Shartse Monastery, the 19th incarnation Lochen Rinpoche, Khensur Sonam Rinpoche of Gyuto Tantric College and Tenzin Lekshe Rinpoche to Singapore.

» Call 67476650 to join our daily Setrap Black Tea Offering at $30 & Leng Chag Torma Offering at $45 per month conducted by our Resident Monks.



Yamantaka Ruel Recharge Puja: 10th December @10.30am

Auspicious 108 Light Offering: 2/12 & 18/12